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The Central South West & Wales Celtic Supporters Association

Oxon Shamrock CSC was formed in the Summer of 2002 by like minded Celtic People living in Bicester and surrounding area. Dave Heron, Chris Cassidy, myself, and Jimmy Moffat met at the Littlebury Hotel and decided to try and find a suitable venue where we could watch games in a Celtic Atmosphere.

We didn’t have to look too far as about two hundred yards down the road was the Six Bells Public House, a hostelry where we had on occasions watched some games in the build up to the formation of the Club. We all spoke with Dave Truby the Landlord and he was a willing partner in this adventure and readily agreed. You cannot underestimate Dave’s contribution to the success of the CSC. Bicester being a Garrison Town  it was always going to be difficult to find somewhere which wanted to  be associated with a CSC. He did and that is part of the reason as to where we are now.

The Club was also present at the formation of the Central South West & Wales CSA in Swindon and has been represented Committee wise since that day.

In the Clubs “Hey Day” we had over 32 members but due mainly to the fiscal downturn which has affected nearly all CSC we now have a core membership of between 14 to 16 members. There was an unfortunate schism occurred a few years back, a member who also had taken over the running of the pub had some disagreement with the owners which resulted in the said member being barred from the establishment. This resulted in at the next AGM a number of good members voted with their feet and moved on. There was also an element of members who thought it ok to sing Sectarian and “party” songs , the Club is non Sectarian and will nor tolerate this  as written in it’s constitution and thus we lost a few more members.

Today we face perhaps our biggest challenge, the Bells is in the process of being sold and turned into a “Foody” type  pub. We are at present trying to source another venue but as I alluded to earlier it will not be easy in the environment we live in. The AGM this Saturday may determine a lot, we are determined to keep the name of the Club going but it maybe in abstentia from having a venue. Pubs we have approached thus far have been a little sceptical, they may put the games on !! but don’t want to be known as the Home of a CSC which I suppose in a Garrison town is somewhat understandable.

George Deans


Oxon Shamrock CSC.

Oxon Shamrock CSC
The Six Bells
7 Church Street


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