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The Central South West & Wales Celtic Supporters Association

Ticket Officer
Dave Bradshaw (Black Country Che Guevara CSC)
George Deans (Oxon Shamrock CSC)
Alisdair Ferguson (Reading Martin O'Neil CSC)
Ros Harris (Wolverhampton Shamrock CSC)

Our Aims:
The principle aim of the Association is to foster stronger and more meaningful links with Celtic Football Club.  We encourage other Supporters Clubs within our catchment area to join us in furthering this aim.  Our strength is our membership.   We can have much more meaningful and productive dialogue with CFC representing a broad constituency of fans than any Club alone can do.

An equally important aim is to develop stronger links between member clubs.  We recognise that we share a common interest that binds us together: supporting CFC!  The Association embraces the concept that Celtic supporters are unique and one of our aims is to bring like-minded people together to celebrate as part of the wider ‘Celtic Family’.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote social inclusion and embrace social and cultural diversity.
  • To promote active support of CFC.
  • To have a prominent role in the development of CFC and engage with the club on matters affecting or of interest to our membership.
  • To encourage and support Supporters Clubs within our catchment area to support our aims and become members of the Association.
  • To promote involvement of member CSC’s in all matters relating to the running and development of the Association.
  • To ensure that all member CSC’s have an equal say in matters relating to the Association and that no Club has undue influence as a consequence of its size.
  • To facilitate social interaction between member CSC’s through organising social functions and supporting member CSC events.
  • To use Association meetings, email, website/internet forum and social networking forums to foster communication between member CSCs.
  • To create a hub of knowledge, skills, expertise and resource sharing to support member CSC’s to further the aims of the Association.
  • To make charitable donations in accordance with the wishes of our member Clubs.
  • To generate revenue to further the aims and objectives of the CSA by way of: membership fees, social events, football cards and merchandise.
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